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"Growing cactus in Michigan - Zone 5 ??? Science fiction? Not at all." The Arboretum de Concord grows 10 varieties of the species Opuntia, including four Chollas, none of which are native to Michigan. This desert garden provides a dazzling display of color during the blooming season and a striking and unusual accent throughout the year.

Visit: Arboretum de Concord -  A Conifer Wildlife Habitat located in Michigan, USA and certified by the National Wildlife Federation

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Opuntia  Cacti in Snow Opuntia 

"Growing not native cactus in Michigan - Zone 5"

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Opuntia plantings the 2nd year

Opuntia's - 3 years of growth

Opuntia's after 4 years of growth


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Opuntia_imbricata.jpg (68413 bytes)

Opuntia_davisii.jpg (66321 bytes)


Opuntia imbricata

 Opuntia davisii


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Yucca.jpg (54946 bytes)


Yucca 'Filamentosa


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Bambi ignore cacti and succulents








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